Host a Schoolhouse

Our collection boxes are a key component in our ability to fund each school’s grant request. More locations simply provide a greater capacity to grant funding to schools. Call us to get one in your area!


Hosting a collection box provides a tremendous community connection – it brings the community to the business’ doorstep, communicates a strong message of support for Colorado education, and it underlines the concern for greening our environment. What better message could a business send to their surrounding community!


There is absolutely no cost for hosting a Little Red Schoolhouse nor is there ever a long term commitment. In addition, Red Apple is fully insured and we take the initiative and responsibility of ensuring that each location complies with state, county, and city regulations and codes.


We also understand concerns over “dumping” at our location sites. The Little Red Schoolhouses and its surrounding area are vigilantly kept clean and free of debris to properly represent our initiative and the image of the school or business. We take this particular issue very seriously!


For more information, please contact Red Apple Recycling by email or via phone at 303-725-7171.